Thursday, November 11, 2010

Still Trying

It occurred to me that my last post was kind of harsh. And, judging by some comments that I got from some of my readers, I guess maybe it was a little too harsh. ... On the other hand, I got a comment from another reader that complimented my honesty, and cited it as a reason to read this blog.

Now, the cynic in me could go with the old adage that "you just can't please people." But I'm not going to do that. Instead, I will just try to remember to always strike a balance between being honest and not being too honest.

For those of you who are wondering, we haven't yet figured anything out about the new pain issues that I told you about last time. I'm growing increasingly frustrated with my doctors, who don't seem all too interested in helping me. I'm sure they care on some level, but outwardly it sure doesn't show. It's getting tiresome, but I'm still hoping that I will get some answers eventually.

Fortunately for me, the stimulator and the new medication that I'm on have combined to make things a little easier, so I'm handling the pain better than I was. It's still there, though. And I'd still like to know what is causing it, and, you know, make it go away. But for now at least I can be happy that it's gotten a little easier to deal with.

So that's it. Nothing new, really, except that I'm dealing with the pain and frustration better than I was at the time of my last post. At least there's that, right? (And I knew some of you would want to know.)

But before I go, I do have to leave you with this. My kids have been running around the house singing this song a lot lately. And no matter how annoying the song might be, hearing my kids sing it just makes my day every time.

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