Monday, October 22, 2012

LML Monday - House Guests, Mobile Apps & Smiling Food

It's Monday once again, my friends. And as always that means it's time to reflect on the things that made us happy over the past week. And of course now is also the perfect time to set the tone for a great week to come! 

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House Guests
As part of my mom's birthday celebration last week, my brother flew into town to surprise her. He was only here for a few days, but it was a really nice visit. He and my mom both stayed at my place while he was here, so the kids were absolutely in heaven.

My brother is one of my favorite people in the world, so of course having him visit is always great. But this time there was another good thing about his visit, too. I got to see that one of the bits of wisdom that I have been trying to teach my kids actually did sink in.

I was a little concerned when we got to the airport, because the kids were being pretty clingy, and I thought we might end up with some tears when we said goodbye. They did start the "I don't want him to go yet!" and "I wish he could stay longer!" thing. But when I shifted the conversation to being happy that he got to come, instead of being sad that he was leaving, they actually agreed without much hesitation at all.

So I got to have a great visit with my family, and I got a nice reminder of what great little people my kids are. Definitely reasons to be happy.

Mobile Apps
Last week I finally got to use my Walgreens Mobile App to refill a medication. I know that doesn't really sound like a big deal, but it kind of is. It isn't so much about using the app (although it is kind of cool to just be able to scan the barcode on your bottle to place an order.) What made it exciting, though, was why I could finally use it.

Because of the chronic pain, I've been on prescription pain medications for many years. And as much as I disliked taking narcotics, unfortunately it was sometimes necessary. But last month, as part of my whole new-approach-to-pain-management shift, I switched to a new non-narcotic medication. So far it seems to be doing a pretty good job, and doesn't have the side effects that some of the other meds were causing.

There are several reasons to be happy about finding something other than narcotic pain killers to help with the pain, obviously. But the super-special bonus is that now I don't have to jump through all the hoops to get my medication every month. (When you take narcotics you can't just call and ask for a refill - you have to make an appointment and go in to see someone to get the prescription. Lots of extra time and money spent every month just for a medication.) Now I can use the nifty mobile app, which is much more convenient.

Smiling Plates
The other day my son was enjoying his mini-waffles for breakfast, and when he was almost done he told me "Look Mom. My plate is happy!"

It really is the simple things in life that you treasure. And you just can't help but smile when you see something like that.

Ok. I shared mine - now it's your turn! Please feel free to leave me a comment and share some of your recent LML moments. Focus on the happy thoughts, and let's all have a great week!

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  1. I just started following you! Love your LML posts

    1. Thanks! I really enjoy your blog too, and I'm so happy to have to on board with LML Monday!