Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Embarrassing Moments

I'm of the opinion that our embarrassing moments in life should be shared, if only to make others feel better about themselves. I'm fairly certain that you have done things in your life that made you feel really dumb. I'm equally certain that it brings you at least a certain level of comfort to know that other people have done plenty of things that were just as dumb. And so I share this story with you.

One evening last week I was out running some errands with my family. At one point, because it was going to be a very quick stop, the rest of the family stayed in the car while I ran inside. After being in the store for less than a minute I came back to the car, only to discover that the door was locked. I thought this was odd, and wondered why my husband had locked me out.

It was only then that I looked up and discovered that I had not, in fact, returned to my car. I was standing at the driver's side door of the car parked next to mine, trying to open a complete stranger's door. I was embarrassed, and quite red-faced, but at the same time I was extremely grateful that the door had been locked and the car had been empty. I can only imagine the shock it would have given us both if I had opened that poor woman's door and tried to sit in her lap.

Now, I could try to rationalize the situation by saying that I had gotten the car only a week before, but I have a feeling that nobody would accept that as a valid excuse. And it would definitely be less embarrassing if the car that I had mistakenly gone to had been the same (or even similar) model as the one I drive. But nope. No help there. They weren't even the same color! Yeah, I've got no excuse. Other than the fact that we all have those moments where we just go brainless for a bit.

As the saying goes:

All I could do was join in with the rest of my family as we all had a hearty laugh at my expense. Because as embarrassing as it was, it was still kind of hilarious. So next time you do something that makes you wonder where your brain was hiding and why it temporarily deserted you, try not to feel too bad. It happens to the best of us.

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