Thursday, December 13, 2012

Random Reasons to Celebrate

In the midst of a fairly stressful week, Tuesday was particularly craptacular. Noting especially huge or tragic happened; it was just one of those days when the universe thinks it's funny to keep giving you paper cuts and then pouring lemon juice in them. Just one thing after another... and then another, and another.

So yesterday I was determined to leave it all behind and have a better day. And not surprisingly (because it is so often the case) my kids gave me the motivation that I needed. Sitting at breakfast, my son suddenly asked me "Mommy, can we celebrate?" Um... celebrate what? "Today is the last time that all of the dates are going to match!" And he and my daughter both looked at me with beautifully hopeful and excited faces.

I took a quick mental inventory, found no reason to say no, and agreed to have an impromptu 12-12-12 party. Because, as I told them, "I guess it's as good a reason as any." And, really... why not? Life puts us through the ringer sometimes. So if we can find something to be happy about, why not grab onto it and squeeze it for all it's worth?

And the best part is, not only can the reason for the celebration be totally random and silly, but so can the way that it's celebrated.

Since it was a "special" day, I pulled out the special new ornament that I had been meaning to put on the tree but had never gotten around to.

And the kids helped me put together the Christmas village. (Again, something I had been meaning to do anyway. But when presented as a "party game" it made it that much more festive.)

And after dinner I made homemade ice cream (in my awesome Kitchen Ninja.) It's always a hit. And frankly, what kind of a 12-12-12 party would it be without it? ;)

That was the extent of it. But the kids were happy, and once again I proved that it's all about how you spin things. Treat the day like a special occasion, and that is how it will be remembered.

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