Sunday, January 27, 2013

Enough, and Then Some

I've never seen the movie Snakes on a Plane. (Never felt a need to, actually.) But there is one relatively well-known and sometimes-quoted scene that I am familiar with - and chances are some of you are too, considering that it's sometimes called "THE line" from that movie. It's the moment when Sam Jackson's character decides that enough is enough, and he's finally "had it!" (Said in the signature Sam Jackson style, of course.)

I think we've all probably been there a time or two. Granted, it probably didn't have anything to do with snakes, and we probably didn't give a speech and then shoot out an airplane window... but we've all had those moments when we finally have to say "enough is enough!"

I reached that moment a little while ago. Because it has been, to put it mildly, kind of a rough couple of months. (You might have already guessed that, since we're almost to the end of the month and this is only my second post. Following not many more than that last month.) Sadly, the majority of my existence since just before Christmas has been all about taking care of sick people, so I just haven't had much time for anything else.

Everyone is mostly fine now, so not to worry. But it was rough. And after the second trip to my son's pulmonologist in just over a week, and having him miss school again, and having to take care of all the medications and inhalers and nebulizer treatments and everything else that goes with having a really sick kid.... I was definitely feeling the stress. And starting to be grumpy.

I was feeling the pressure, and letting it get to me. And yes, having myself a little pity-party. Poor me, with all the stress of having things piled on, one after another, like it was never going to end. And that's when I finally broke, and said "I've had it!" And as soon as I said that, I realized that what I'd had enough of was not so much about what has been going on, but how I was reacting to it.

Sure, life piles it on sometimes. And yes, it can start getting to us after a while. But the woe-is-me attitude can only last for so long before we have to make a change. And since there wasn't really anything I could do about my son's illness other than what I was already doing, it was easy to figure out that the change had to be in where I chose to focus.

So like I often do, I tried looking for the good things anywhere I could. At first it wasn't easy, and I had to kind of stretch it a bit. Like, at least it was my index finger that I hurt, so the bandage was easier to keep dry than it would have been on another finger. Yeah, that works. There's something to be happy about.

Then I started finding other little things. Like the new electric cork screw that I got for Christmas. So now I don't have to wait for my husband to get home before I can open a bottle of wine. Score! Or the season premier of White Collar. Always a thing to be happy about.  And I discovered that Netflix just added some of the missing episodes of Dr. Who, so I finally got to see some things that I missed. Awesome!

Once I started, it got easier. As it always does. (And we all know that. But it never hurts to be reminded.) So yes, there might still be *@#$%! snakes on this *@#$%! plane, but I don't have to let them ruin my day. :)

Oh, and this doesn't have anything to do with anything other than the fact that it always makes me smile. I didn't post a clip of the original scene that I was talking about, because I wanted to spare you the profanity. (If you really want to see it, you can look it up. It's not that hard to find.) But this scene is famous for another (and I think funnier) reason. Here now for your viewing pleasure, I give you the worst TV edit fail or all time:


  1. Great post. I really do love reading your blog, as it is a reminder of the happier persona that I strive for.

    Thanks for the reminder about making lemonade out of lemons ;) It's something we all ought to do more often.

    1. Thanks! That really means a lot to me. (And totally makes this all worthwhile.)