Monday, March 18, 2013

LML Monday - Fish & Chips & Family Traditions

It's Monday once again, my friends. And as always that means it's time to reflect on the things that made us happy over the past week. And of course now is also the perfect time to set the tone for a great week to come! 

If you missed my take on LML, you can find it here. If you missed the explanation of LML Monday, you can catch up here.

My family has a tradition of going out to dinner to celebrate St. Patrick's Day. We also have a tradition of avoiding the traditional "Irish places" (and thus the drunken masses.) Some years we go out for Mexican food. Some years it's a favorite sports bar. Something fun and festive, but nothing ridiculously loud or crowded.

This year we went to Old Chicago, as we have a few times in the past. They didn't have corned beef and cabbage this time, but they did have some pretty good fish & chips, which was Irish-y enough for me.

St. Patrick's Day 2013

And they didn't have the hard cider that they used to have on tap, but it turns out that Angry Orchard is pretty good, so it all worked out.

And of course my daughter and I followed our holiday fingernail tradition. (But it was even cooler this year, thanks to our awesome nail stamp kit.)

So yeah, we may not have gotten wild and crazy, but I'd say that for us it was just the right level of fun. :)

Ok. I shared mine - now it's your turn! Please feel free to leave me a comment and share some of your recent LML moments. Focus on the happy thoughts, and have a great week!

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