Thursday, March 28, 2013

Help a Brother Out

Late Tuesday evening my son came down (rather suddenly and forcefully) with some kind of stomach bug. Thankfully it was a brief one, so not to worry. He's already feeling all better and is back to school today. But for Tuesday night and part of yesterday he was feeling pretty bad.

I mentioned before how caring and supportive my daughter is when anyone is sick or hurt. She loves to be helpful, and jumps at any opportunity. So of course when her brother got sick she was right there ready. 

As he was headed to bed Tuesday night he asked for some water, and of course little sister jumped up, grabbed his water bottle with an excited "I can get it!" and ran to fill it up for him.

When she came back with the water she also gave him a really sweet, gentle hug. He returned it with a weak (but sincere) thank you and a hug of his own. And I complemented her for being so nice and helping take care of her brother. She turned to me and said with a shrug, "Anything to help a brother out."

Neither one of them understood why that made me laugh so hard. :)