Wednesday, May 22, 2013

You Don't Need Toys in the Forrest

When we started packing for our first camping trip, the kids talked about all of the toys that they wanted to bring with them. At first I said no, because
1) there wasn't a lot of extra space, and 2) I knew they wouldn't need any of the toys while we were there. So (to keep from sounding like a completely unreasonable mom) I told their sad little faces that they could each pick out two toys.

But those sad little faces kept looking at me, so I finally relented. I gave them a pillow case and told them they could bring whatever they wanted. Because, while I knew that they wouldn't need toys while we were camping, I realized that they didn't know it yet.

So they each picked out several toys that they figured they couldn't live without for three days. And it turned out that the only toy that even came out of the bag at all while we were there was the Frisbee.

They (along with several of their friends) had quite a bit of fun with it. But the other toys never even crossed their minds, as they enjoyed all of the other things that there were to see and do while camping.

Like gathering firewood.

And learning how to wash dishes while you're camping.

And scoping out nature.

And hiking to the lake, where you discover that there is still snow on the ground.

And realizing that even though the temperatures have already hit the 100s at home, it's still cold up in the mountains!

And, perhaps most importantly, enjoying some quality time with your best friend. Who needs toys when you have all of this?

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