Monday, August 4, 2014

Quiet Houses, Girlfriends, and Motivational Coffee Mugs

Yes, friends, it's Monday. And once again that means it's time to reflect on the things that made us happy over the past week. And of course now is also the perfect time to set the tone for a great week to come! 

If you missed my take on LML, you can find it here. If you missed the explanation of LML Monday, you can catch up here.

Back to School Time!
My kids went back to school last Thursday. (I now have a first grader and a third grader - I can hardly believe it!) My daughter was incredibly excited. My son was dealing with it as a necessary evil. And I was... well, if you have kids, you know how I was feeling.

Sure, I'm going to miss having them with me all day. But it's been a very long time since my house was this quiet, and I have to admit that I'm thoroughly enjoying it.

National Girlfriends Day
Last Friday - the day after the kids went back to school - happened to be National Girlfriends Day. And with perfect timing like that, I just had to take advantage of it. Since several of my friends have first graders this year, we decided to mark the day with an our-kids-are-finally-in-school-all-day-so-now-we-can-have-adult-time lunch. It was fantastic, and I am blessed to have such wonderful friends.

Because this is true, and a very important thing to have in life:

Of course, this is also true:

And perhaps most importantly:

Motivational Coffee Mugs
Y'all know that I love coffee. A lot. So it stands to reason that I also love coffee mugs. And I have a lot of really cute ones that I love to use. But lately, this one has been my favorite go-to mug.

It makes me smile every time I use it, and helps remind me that yes, life is most certainly good.

Ok. I shared mine - now it's your turn! Please leave me a comment and share some of your recent LML moments. 

Focus on the happy thoughts, and let's all have a great week!

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