Monday, September 20, 2010

Look on the bright side...

I’ve been “blessed” with this irritating ability to find the bright side to any given situation. You know how, when something kind of bad happens, people say “Well, look on the bright side…” and then try to make you feel better? You don’t have to tell me that. My brain just automatically goes there. Every time.

Think I’m exaggerating? A few years ago I had kidney stones – three separate times! – while I was pregnant with my first son. If you’ve ever had kidney stones, right now you’re shaking your head and you have that “ooh, I feel your pain” expression on your face. If you’ve never had them, count your blessings. And then ask someone who has had them. I’d be willing to bet that they’ll tell you it’s the worst pain they’ve ever felt. It’s miserable, excruciating pain. Kicking and screaming, feels-like-you're-going-to-die pain.

So there I was, in unbelievable pain -- the kind of pain that would make a normal person say some seriously dirty words -- and where does my wacky, oddly positive mind go? “Well, at least this is helping to prepare me for labor pain.”

Urg! Can’t I at least wallow in my misery for a minute? Come on! I’ve earned some whining! But no, there always has to be a bright side. And it was at that moment that I realized a great truth about myself: If I can find a bright side to having kidney stones, I can find a bright side to anything.

I’ve lived through a lot of crazy stuff in my life (much of which I’m sure will come up on here some time down the road) and there is a lot of crazy stuff still going on right now. And this is where I am going to tell my story. Sometimes we’ll laugh. Sometimes we’ll cry. Sometimes I may just rant about irritating things that are on my mind at the time. I can’t guarantee that there will always be a bright side to everything that I share… but knowing me, it’s bound to happen.

And in case it wasn’t already stuck in your head, here you go.

You're welcome. ;)

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