Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Most Wonderful Time of the Year

I know that song was written about Christmas, but for me the most wonderful time of the year starts in early October. Because in my house early October means that the Halloween decorations come out, the festivities begin, and the "holiday season" has officially arrived.

Everyone has their own triggers when it comes to getting in to the holiday spirit. For some people it's the first snowfall, or the first lighting of the fireplace. For some it's hearing their favorite holiday song, or seeing the decorations around town.

For me, there is one particular thing I look forward to each year. Yes, I like the decorations, and the change in weather. (Although here in Arizona October just means that our temperatures finally drop below 110, but we take what we can get.) But there's still something I look forward to seeing even more.

When I see these three cereals in the stores again, I know the holidays have begun. Maybe it's a silly thing to get excited about, but it's tradition, and it makes me happy.

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