Sunday, October 2, 2011

Sing "Soft Kitty" to Me

I've been having a lot of trouble with my foot lately, thanks to a flareup of the plantar fasciitis. (It's something I've lived with for years, and it's gotten immensely better since I finally got a diagnosis and started treating it, but it does still give me problems from time to time.) And the past couple of weeks has been one of those times.

So this afternoon, after limping around for a while, I finally realized that I should take a much-needed break and put some ice on my foot. When I mentioned to the kids what I was going to do, they immediately ran to help. My son got the ice pack out of the freezer and my daughter got a towel to wrap it in, and they took me over to the couch to get settled.

Satisfied that he had helped, my son went back to the playroom. But my daughter stuck around to see if there was anything else she could do. I told her that I thought I would be ok, and that she could go play if she wanted to, but she just stood there deep in thought for a minute. Finally she said "How about if I sing 'Soft Kitty' for you?" Since having a hurt foot is a kind of sick, I gladly accepted her offer.

If you get that reference, then you know how awesome it is, particularly that a three-year-old would come up with it. If you don't get it, I'm not sure that I can really explain, other than to say that you really should watch "The Big Bang Theory." (Granted, it's definitely not for everyone. But if you like geeky comedy I don't know that there's a better place out there to find it.)

No, my kids don't actually watch the show. (They're three and five.) But they do love that song. They were playing one day, and they decided to pretend to be cats. (Like I said, three and five.) When I heard them meowing that song popped into my head, and for some reason I decided to sing it. The kids thought it was hilarious, and made me sing it over and over. Finally I got tired of singing and pulled up YouTube and let them watch videos of it until they were satisfied. So now they know that when someone's sick, you sing "Soft Kitty" to them.

I haven't been able to get my kids singing it on video yet, but here's its original appearance on the show.

This is the most recent (and I think my favorite) appearance.

Yes, it's ridiculous. But still makes me laugh every time. :)


  1. Ha ha ha ha - oh I'd forgotten about these scenes. Thanks for sharing

  2. Huge bbt fan here. Thanks for the smile!

  3. Glad you enjoyed them too. Thanks for reading. :)