Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Sibling Drama (but not the kind that you might expect)

I realize that my blogging has been a bit sporadic lately. But if you know me, or if you follow this blog, then you know that's just kind of how life is around here, and we roll with it as best we can. But today I have a "sibling story" that I have to share with you, and it just so happens that today's ABC Wednesday brings us to the letter S, so it works out perfectly.

At my son's Cub Scout meeting last night they were talking about the Christmas parade that the boys will be participating in next month. I hadn't really thought about it that much before then, but apparently my daughter had been assuming this whole time that she would be in the parade too.

When Cub Scouts started earlier this year we had explained to her that sometimes she would be able to do the activities with her brother, but that sometimes things would be just for the boys. She said she understood that, but it hadn't ever been put to the test until now.

She's been to all of the meetings, gone on all of the field trips, washed cars, and sold popcorn right along with the rest of the boys. Because she likes being included, and because there was never a reason that she couldn't be.

But now, only the boys will be riding on the parade float. (I brought up the question, wanting to know if they would have to be accompanied by a parent.) I was happy to hear that they wouldn't, because that means that I can relax and enjoy the parade. But my daughter was devastated.

I didn't realize it at first, until I noticed the little sniffles and then saw the silent tears. When I asked her what was wrong, that was when the outright sobs came out in a rush. Finally she managed to squeak out "I want to be with my brother!"

As I tried to calm her down, of course my son was also right there trying to comfort her. As excited as he is to be in his first parade, he insisted for her benefit that he knows watching the parade will be SO much more exciting than just riding in a float. But she was heartbroken, and all she could manage was "But I want to be with yoooouuuuuu!"

We tried for most of the ride home to try to find an approach that would cheer her up, but eventually we just had to let her cry it out. And as sad as it was, a part of me still had to appreciate how sweet it was too. There are very few things in life that this little girl loves more than her big brother, and not much makes her happier than being with him.

Fortunately the feelings are reciprocated, and the two of them spend a great deal of their time playing very happily together. I love the rewards of being able to watch the love and affection that they share. As a mom, I really couldn't ask for more.


  1. That was a touching story. Especially the way her brother tried to make it easier for her. Carver, ABC Wed. Team

  2. Yes, altho maybe they SHOULD have let her on the float, IMHO...
    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

    1. I'm sure they both would have been happy if she could have. But on the other hand, it's an important lesson to learn (we don't always get to do what we want) so as sad as it might be, it's good for her to have that lesson reinforced.

  3. How sweet!

    I am playing catch up with ABC this week. Sooo busy!

    Charcoal Sketches, come and see.
    Rose, ABC Wednesday Team

  4. glad they're such good friends. sometimes, though, you just have to bring the hammer down and say no, no matter how much you hate doing it (as I'm sure you know). eventually, her brother is going to want to do things without his sister, and she's going to have to learn how to deal.

    1. Yeah. It's an adjustment, and it's hard sometimes, but they're both learning how to deal with separation (especially now that he's in 1st grade, and at school all day.) I'm still glad that they're so close, but I'm also trying to help them learn to deal with being apart when they have to be. It's a work in progress, but it's getting better.