Monday, October 7, 2013

Candy Corn, Telescopes, and Afternoon Walks

It's Monday once again, my friends. And as always that means it's time to reflect on the things that made us happy over the past week. And of course now is also the perfect time to set the tone for a great week to come! 

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Candy Corn Art (and other Fall fun)
This week is Fall Break at the kids' school, which meant that all of the classes had their Fall Parties this past Friday. Now that both of the kids are in school I got to do double party duty, which was exhausting, but I loved it.

The timing worked out so that the older kids' parties didn't start until after kindergarten was released, so my daughter got to go to her brother's party too (which made them both very happy.)

A Night With the Stars
I know I've mentioned it before, but in case you haven't caught on yet, I'll tell you once again that the Arizona Museum of Natural History is a really awesome museum. If you ever get the chance, you should really check it out.

This past weekend they had "A Night With the Stars," a special event focused on astronomy. There were plenty of great activities for the kids - everything from art and puzzles to a portable planetarium brought in by the local university and telescopes brought in by one of the local astronomy clubs.

My daughter had a great time talking space exploration with everyone, and telling them all about how she and her brother are going to be astronauts when they grow up. As usual, everyone who met her fell instantly in love.

Afternoon Walks by the Lake
Now that it's finally getting a little bit cooler around here (and by that I mean in the 90s instead of the 110s) I can be a little bit more agreeable when my daughter begs me to take her to the park. (I always want to say yes, I just can't do it when it's dangerously hot.) So it really makes us both happy when we can finally be outside for a little while.

For my daughter, one of the best things about the park is all of the birds, and her reactions whenever we see them are just priceless. This was one of her favorites from our most recent walk this week. We had to stop and watch it for several minutes, while she smiled and waved and looked at it with so much love that it just melted my heart.

It was still a little warm out, but it was a really nice afternoon. And walking around the lake with my daughter is always entertaining. All I can say is, thank goodness we finally got all of our ducks in a row! :)

Ok. I shared mine - now it's your turn! Please feel free to leave me a comment and share some of your recent LML moments. Focus on the happy thoughts, and let's all have a great week!

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