Thursday, October 17, 2013

Mammals do WHAT?!

For the most part, my kids are both incredibly mature for their age. But every now and then I receive hilarious reminders that they are, in fact, still kids.

My son is working on a second grade writing assignment. He chose to write about mammals, which they recently learned about in science class, and which he found quite fascinating. And apparently he was sharing some of his new-found expertise with his little sister yesterday.

She suddenly came running into my room yelling "Mommy-mommy-mommy-mommy!" and gave me a very serious look. (The look that clearly says "Don't BS me here, woman.") Then she lifted up her shirt and asked "Is it true that when animals get big, they feed their babies milk out of THESE?!"

When I confirmed that yes, that it what mammals do, she gave me the most adorably horrified look, followed by a very dramatic "Eeeeeeewwwwww!" and ran away.

And in the background I hear my son triumphantly yell "See?! I told you!"

It can't just be me, right? I know some of you have had great parenting moments like this too. Please share them! I think we could all use the laugh.

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  1. That's adorable. Wish I could remember some of ours. Mostly Mandy just constantly schooled me on how docile or helpful all the bugs I was afraid of were.