Friday, July 22, 2011

Amazing Conversations

By this point in their lives, I am rarely surprised any more by the things my kids say and do. I mean, when you have kids that are this smart and this incredibly adorable, you just kind of learn to take it in stride. ;) But even when I'm not surprised, that doesn't ever stop me from being amazed.

Yesterday my 5-year-old was playing downstairs, and his sister went down to find him. Apparently he didn't hear her coming, because I heard him make a little surprised gasping noise, which was followed by this conversation:

"Oh! You startled me!" (Pause.) "Do you know what startled means?"
"It means you surprised me. Startled is another word for surprised."
"Oh. Ok."
And with the vocabulary lesson over, they went off to play.

I love how much my kids pay attention to everything they see and hear. And not only are they paying attention, but  they're understanding, and then emulating. And for a 5-year-old to recognize that he used a word his 3-year-old sister might not understand, and then explain it to her... I thought that was pretty amazing.

Yep. Kind of beaming with pride right now. :)


  1. How lovely - what a great relationship they're building! It IS amazing and you SHOULD be proud! (they're learning it somewhere! :-))