Wednesday, July 13, 2011

San Diego Bound

Later this morning, my husband and I will be piling the kids into the car and taking off for a few days of fun in the (much less miserable than Arizona) sun. So this will either turn in to a travel blog for a little while, or I'll fall of the grid and catch up when we get back. Only time will tell.

We've been planning this trip for a while, but it still kind of snuck up on me. When the realization hit me the other day that I only had a few days to get everything ready for our trip, my husband looked at me with a genuinely perplexed expression and said, "What do you have to do?" (Men are so adorably clueless.)

Every woman knows that before the actual vacation comes the shopping, and the cleaning, and the laundry, and the packing. Because if it wasn't for her, nobody would have anything to eat or drink on the road, no clean clothes to wear when they got there, and they would undoubtedly come home to several less-than-pleasant science experiments growing in the fridge.

I'm not complaining - it's just the way it is. (But trust me. After getting everything ready for everyone, Mom really needs that vacation. It's exhausting.) So guys, next time you go on a family vacation, and everything just "happens to" be ready, and planned, and packed, and taken care of... thank your wife.

And maybe buy her something pretty. That's always good too.