Saturday, October 20, 2012

The Cupcake Saga Continues

My apologies for taking so long to bring you the conclusion of the cupcake story. In addition to celebrating my mom's birthday and having house guests for a few days, my son got really sick and was home from school (and miserable) all week.

So it may be a bit after-the-fact, but I had to come back and share the rest of the story - partly to show you how cute the cupcakes turned out, and partly to reassure you that nobody lost their lives in the process. (If you missed part one of the story, you can catch up here.)

It turns out that frosting cupcakes isn't quite as dramatic as baking them, but it does have its own challenges. First, if you bake cupcakes one day and have to come back and frost them the next day, be prepared to hear "Can we frost the cupcakes now? Please? Please? Pleasepleasepleasepleaseplease?!!!!!" from the second you wake up until the time you finally say yes.

So once I finally did say yes and we gathered everything up, the kids were very excited (obviously.) Everything worked out pretty well, too, with only a couple of "seriously?!" moments. The first was when the pull tab on the frosting didn't work, and I had to cut my way into it with a knife. The second was when my son managed to get frosting on his clothes, and I wondered what I was thinking when I agreed to get chocolate.

As you can see, the kids took their frosting job very seriously.

And with just a tiny bit of help from me, this is what we ended up with.

That, and a chocolate frosting mess to lick off, of course.

Add some candy letters (because I learned long ago that I'm terrible at writing with frosting) and we have beautiful "Happy 70th Birthday Grandma" cupcakes for the beautiful birthday girl.

I'd say they were a big hit all around. :)


  1. Mmmm look fantastic!!!!

  2. First, I really should not stay away from here so long; always brings a smile to my face to read what's going on with you.

    Second, happy birthday to grandma, and glad the kids had such a fun time, and you survived! (Without even giving in to the tempting alcohol display, presumably!)

    1. Aww, thanks Cheri! That means a lot to me.

      We did have a lot of fun, and yes, I did manage to resist the store's tempting display. :)