Monday, September 23, 2013

Celebrating Autumn

It's Monday once again, my friends. And as always that means it's time to reflect on the things that made us happy over the past week. And of course now is also the perfect time to set the tone for a great week to come! 

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As you probably know, yesterday was the first day of Autumn. As you probably also know, the changing of the seasons is one of the things that we always try to celebrate in our house. The "celebrating" was simple, as it always is. But, as we know, it's the little things that make life special.

Baked Apples
It seemed logical to make something apple themed for the start of Fall, and since it's relatively quick and easy, I decided to make my super-simple baked apples for the occasion.

Like I said, super-simple. I went with sliced apples (since I don't have a corer, but I do have a slicer) and just sprinkled them with a bit of brown sugar, some cinnamon and nutmeg, and added some raisins. In the oven they went (350 for about half an hour) and they made the kitchen smell fantastic.

They were a little sweet for my taste, but the kids gave them an enthusiastic thumbs up. I'd say it was a pretty good way to kick of the season.

Autumn Nails
In keeping with tradition, my daughter and I decided to try out some seasonal themed nail art. And I'll go ahead and admit right now that this might not have been my most successful nail polish experiment ever. But it was still fun.

I was going for a "leaves changing color" kind of thing. Not sure that really comes across, but it was worth a shot. And in my defense, I live in central Arizona. So I don't really have a whole lot of experience with what leaves changing color actually looks like. ;)

We went a little simpler with my daughter - single colored leaves and a pumpkin. Tiny and cute, just like her.

Ok. I shared mine - now it's your turn! Please feel free to leave me a comment and share some of your recent LML moments. Focus on the happy thoughts, and let's all have a great week!

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