Wednesday, August 22, 2012

F is for Flurf

Yesterday, as we were waiting to go pick my son up from school, I took a much-needed break and spent some time in the playroom with my daughter. We started a game that she calls "roll the ball," which is basically just what it sounds like, with the one rule that she decides each time how the ball is going to be rolled, bounced, kicked, or what have you, and then everyone else has to do the same thing back to her. It usually gets pretty creative, and is actually a lot of fun.

But as fun as the game is, it is still basically playing catch, and is only as intellectually stimulating as a game of catch can be. As such, my mind began to wonder, and eventually made its way around to today's ABC Wednesday post. I started to brainstorm "words that start with F" and then realized that it could be another fun game if I brought my daughter in on it.

When I told her that I needed to think of a good word that started with the letter F, she jumped right in. First she looked around for inspiration - "There is a flower on that pillow! That's Tinkerbell. She's a fairy! There's a football!" We took turns for a while, just shouting out every word that came to mind. Family. Fingers. Friends. Fun. Fabulous.

Then my adorable daughter looked at me with a twinkle in her eye and said "Flurf!" On her face was one of the cutest expressions I've seen in a long time. It was a combination of amusement at her own joke, pride for having made said joke, and curiosity about whether I was going to call her on it. When I smiled at her she finally couldn't contain it any more, and she just fell to the floor laughing hysterically.

She climbed into my lap, and we both shared the laugh. She stopped a few times to say "F is for flurf!" again and then collapse into another fit of giggles. And as we sat there, hugging and laughing, I suddenly realized that sometimes it really is easy to make all of your problems dissolve. Sometimes you can forget about all of the little things that have been taking up space in your mind, and just relax (at least for a little while.) Sometimes, all you really need is a good laugh.

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  1. Now FLURF is a very good word. We just have to decide what it is. Perhaps so much fluff under the bed, like so much surf, only it's flurf!

  2. Gotta ask her what flurf means.
    When my little taterpie was just learning to talk, sometimes she'd miss or substitute an incorrect beginning sound of a word. For example, ama instead of mama; then I'd correct her by saying M,M, Mama, and she'd repeat it. That quickly evolved into a word game in which one of us would say a sound, then the other would name a word with that beginning sound. Me: /t/ Taterpie: t - t - tomato. Well, even as young as she was, she quickly learned how funny it was to mix up the sounds: b - b - fish, followed at first by a sly smirk then hysterical giggling. Love it when they start understanding how humor works! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Now that is fabulously funny! Or maybe flurfy, though I'm a bit unclear on the proper usage of the word. ;-) Either way, yay for you for having the opportunity to share such a moment with your daughter and having a stress-free laugh.

  4. You have a fanciful imagination, as does the daughter!
    ROG, ABC Wednesday team