Monday, August 13, 2012

LML Monday - Lunch Dates & NyQuil Shots

Yes, my friends, it's Monday. Time once again to reflect on the things that made us happy over the past week. And, as always, now's the perfect time to set the tone for a great week to come! 

If you missed my take on LML, you can find it here. If you missed the explanation of LML Monday, you can catch up here.

Lunch Dates
My son started back to school last week, so we've all been adjusting to the new routine and the full day schedule (as opposed to the half days of last year's kindergarten.) For the most part everyone is handling everything just fine, but it has been a little difficult for my daughter. She doesn't really care for having to go all day without her big brother.

So to help ease her suffering, I've been trying to find fun things that we can do together during the school day. One of the things that we came up with is that once a week we'll go out to lunch together.  She gets to pick the place, and we get to enjoy some mommy/daughter time. And having our weekly lunch dates on Friday means that we have something to look forward to all week.

This past week we went to her favorite Mexican food restaurant for burritos. And as you can see, it was a hit. :)

NyQuil Shots
You know how sometimes when you catch a cold or a bug it comes on gradually, and sometimes it hits you suddenly out of nowhere? This one hit me last night at 9:23. (Ok, that may not have been the exact time, but it did hit that suddenly, some time around 9 last night.) I was fine, and then the next minute I wasn't.

So now I've got the sneezing, sore throat, constant blowing of the nose, and sinuses that feel like they're going to explode and take half my face with them. It feels, in a word, awful. And trust me, friends, when I say that trying to write about loving your life when you feel this terrible can be a challenge. (Honestly, writing about anything when you feel like this is a challenge, which explains the lateness of this post.)

But if you've learned anything from me, I hope it's that life is all about how you choose to direct your focus. You can whine all day about how miserable you feel, or you can be glad that you always keep a supply of NyQuil and DayQuil on hand, as well as plenty of soup and hot tea in the pantry. You can guess which one I'm trying to do today.

I admit that this is one of those times when the bright side didn't come to me automatically, as it usually does. In fact, if we want complete honesty, I kind of had to force it today. (When I'm sick, especially when it's a sinus thing, I have a really hard time focusing, and being happy is not the natural inclination.) It's a challenge, but I'm giving it my all.

So I've been savoring the many cups of hot tea, and appreciating the tasty (and low-cal) soups that I had for lunch and dinner. (Hot soup and hot tea aren't necessarily the first thought when the outside temps are 110+, but I'm hanging in there.) And I'm going with the idea that the NyQuil/DayQuil combination punch will knock this thing out quickly.

Like I said, it's all about focus. And now it's your turn. Please feel free to share some of your recent LML moments. Focus on the happy thoughts, and let's all have a great week!


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    1. Thanks. It took longer than I would have liked, but I think I'm finally over it now. :)

  2. I <3 this idea. I'm totally stealing it! And feel better quick!

    1. No need to steal - you're welcome to share it. :) I'm actually working on a way to do a network or a linky or something for people who want to join LML Monday. Stay tuned...