Friday, April 5, 2013

Accidental Eavesdropping

You know those times when you're sitting in a crowded restaurant, and you just can't help but overhear snippets of other people's conversations? Sometimes it's mundane, and you don't think much of it. But other times, don't you kind of wish that you could hear the rest of the conversation?

While we were out running some errands this morning, my daughter and I decided to stop and have some breakfast. She was pretty deeply engrossed in the puzzles on her placemat, so I sat enjoying my coffee and letting my mind wander a bit (which is when I started picking up bits of other conversations.)

The ladies next to me weren't that interesting. I didn't really care what they were going to buy at Walmart, or whether they had remembered to bring the shopping list this time.

The people at two different tables were having separate conversations about airline travel, which I thought was interesting. (That they were having similar conversations, I mean. Neither conversation was particularly life-changing, though.)

The woman behind me laughed at whoever she was with, and told him "That was SO two years ago!" I was curious about that one, but unfortunately didn't catch any more.

But my absolute favorite one was the guy two tables over, who told his friend, "I mean, I like Charlie Murphy, but only in small doses." That one actually made me giggle a bit.

How about you? Done any good eavesdropping lately?

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  1. Interesting how we get a good chuckle from overhearing certain conversations at restaurants!