Friday, July 26, 2013

And That's When You Know How Terrible You Look

It's been a rough few days, with a chronic pain flair-up really getting me down. So today, when I had to go grocery shopping because I couldn't put it off any longer, wasn't easy. But shopping is a necessary evil, so I forced myself to deal with it.

I was able to get my shopping done (slowly, and gingerly, because that was all I could manage.) But when I got to the check-out line I realized just how exhausted the whole thing had made me. I stood waiting for the cashier to finish, just trying to stay on my feet.

I didn't realize it consciously at the time, but my eyes were only about half open, and I probably looked a little like I would topple over at any second. The cashier actually stopped halfway through asking me if I needed any stamps or ice to ask me if I was okay.

Her concerned expression startled me back into reality, which made me laugh (because sometimes that's all you can do.) I told her I thought that I was about to fall asleep there in her line, which made her laugh (because, as she said, "nobody's ever done that before!")

It was one of those little moments that you have now and then, when you just stand there laughing at nothing in particular with a total stranger, and it manages to brighten your day a little bit. And, seriously... thank goodness for those little moments!

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