Sunday, July 28, 2013

Sharing Life's Little Joys

It's no secret that I'm easily amused, or that the littlest things in life have been known to bring me immense joy. When something new or unusual happens, I see it as a special treat, and choose to let it make me happy. It just makes life more fun.

And one of the best things about being a parent is that not only do I get to let these little experiences bring me joy, but I also have these two awesome little people to share it with. Because getting to watch a child experience something new is, for me, one of life's greatest gifts.

So this morning as I cracked the eggs for breakfast, I came across one with a double yolk. This isn't unheard of, obviously, but it's not something that happens every day, so it made me smile. I realized that I didn't know if the kids had ever seen that before, and figured that if they had it'd probably been a while and they may not remember it, so I called them in the kitchen.

When they came in I was treated to a delighted "Awwww!" and an "It's so adorable!" That, of course, made me smile again. I mean, sure, finding a double yolk really isn't that big of a big deal. Just like so many other things that happen to us every day. But why not let those little things make us happy anyway?

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