Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Eat More Beans

If you're a fan on Facebook, then you probably already heard that today was Eat Beans Day. And if you know my daughter, then you know we had to celebrate it. (She's not a fan of all beans, as you may recall, but refried beans are just about her favorite thing in the world.)

So for lunch I popped open a can of our favorite refried beans and made homemade bean burritos (because fortunately I had the ingredients already in the house, and because bean burritos made from canned beans are easy enough that even this lazy cook can manage them.) It was another impromptu honoring of a silly holiday... because that's what we do here.

My daughter was obviously the most excited about celebrating this one.

And my son prefers green beans to refried beans, but he was a good sport and went along with the burritos.

And because of that, I went with his suggestions, and picked up some jelly beans when we went to the store this evening. ("Because jelly beans are a type of bean.")

It was totally worth it.

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