Friday, July 20, 2012

Fun Fact Friday - Shower Writing, Ice Cubes & Poohbear

Welcome to our second installment of Fun Fact Friday! Friday's should be celebrated. And alliterations are fun.

So here is my random bit of sharing for today:

I do my best writing in the shower.
Ok, so I can't actually write it down while I'm in there, but I typically do most of my composing in my head anyway. When I come up with an idea, I just play around with it for a while before I actually put fingers to keyboard, so most of my "rough draft" work is done before I do the actual physical writing. I've had some great ideas while washing dishes or doing other housework, but inevitably my best work always comes to me in the shower.

Anyone else out there like that? Where do you do your best work?

I almost always put an uneven number if ice cubes in my glass.
I'm not talking about crushed ice, or the little cubes you get in a fountain drink. (It's not an OCD thing, so stuff like that doesn't bother me.) I'm just talking about regular ice cubes that come out of my freezer at home.

For some reason when I was a kid I decided that ice "works better" in a drink if there are an uneven number. It had something to do with how it falls when you're trying to drink, and whether it hits you flat in the mouth and blocks the drink or shifts out of the way so it's not intrusive. It was all very unscientific. But it just became this habit that still sticks today.

Care to share any of your more "unusual" habits?

I have a fairly awesome Poohbear collection.
I've always loved Winnie the Pooh, with his kindness, and caring, and sunny-side-up attitude. My love grew in my late teens when I read Benjamin Hoff's The Tao of Pooh, which really helped me to start expanding my world view. (Great book, by the way. I highly recommend it.)

My collection started small, but it didn't take long before family and friends started adding to it. (I'd say it's a pretty safe bet that most of them still automatically think of me when they see anything having to do with Poohbear.) And now I have pieces all over my house, from the toys and books to the tea cups and cookie cutters to these oh-so adorable slippers that I wear proudly every winter. And believe me when I say that I will never be too old to wear them. :)

What sorts of things do you collect? How did it all start?

Thanks for stopping by! Come back next week 
for some more Fabulous Friday Fun! :)


  1. I come up with my best writing in the car. So I will usually talk it out and record what I say.

    I don't know about ice cubes, but I have to use three paper towels when drying my hands. For some reason it just seems like the perfect number for it.

    I used to collect Teddy Bears. But it got out of hand. =P So, I stopped. Haha!

    1. Recording stuff in the car is a really good idea. I've come up with some ideas while driving and then forgotten them before I can write them down. For some reason I've never really gotten into using my voice recorder, but I really should.

      Thanks for sharing!